Food supply problems in Perm' 1917

Request of the Perm’ uezd food board to the Perm’ guberniya commissar of the Provisional Government B A Turchevich to send a detachment of soldiers to accompany a member of the board in extracting grain from rural communities. Perm’ city

11 September 1917

In the recent period a critical situation has arisen in Perm’ uezd regarding the supply of bread products to the population without property (factory workers and landless people). This has spurred the uezd food board to resort immediately to forcibly taking grain stocks from the local grain stores with the aid of armed force. The local population has taken a hostile attitude to all attempts by the board to acquire grain from the stores voluntarily. Judging by the public resolutions which have been received by the board, the local population may become violent if grain is taken from the stores.

A member of our board, Lyadov, has been given this task to carry out today in Serginskaya, Troitskaya and other volosti. The uezd food board has the honour most humbly to request that today, no later than 11.00 a.m., a group of armed soldiers, not fewer than twenty in total, be placed at our disposal so we can send them to assist Lyadov.

Please keep the board informed of developments.

Chairman of the board (signature indecipherable)

Archive source: GAPO, f. 167, op. 1, d. 18, ll. 117-117 ob. Typescript original
Published source: A V Bushmakov, V G Fedotov, Ya V Soldatenko, compilers, 1917 god v Permskoy gubernii, Pushka: Perm’, 2007, p. 131.