Index of Documents

This page provides links to all my translations of Russian and Soviet historical documents available on this site. New material will be added occasionally as it is translated.


Narodnaya volya assassinates Alexander II, 1 March 1881


Dispute concerning customary rights to gather hay, 1901


The Socialist-Revolutionaries' Assassination of Plehve


I A Rubanovich speech at the 1st SR party congress, arguing against the project for a "People's Socialist Party"

Socialist Revolutionary CC leaflet, June 1905


Black Hundreds' election address

V A Myakotin makes the case for the People's Socialist Party


Peasant attitudes towards zemstvo healthcare in Buguruslan uezd, Samara guberniya


"The mires of Kirsanov" - report on cleanliness in one small Russian town


Appeal by Nikon, Bishop of Eniseysk and Krasnoyarsk, for support for the new authorities, 3/16 March 1917

Appeal from various parties in the internationalist camp, 3 - 4 November 1917

B V Avilov's speech at the 2nd All-Russia Congress of Soviets, 26 October/8 November 1917

Black-Hundred monarchist declares for the revolution, 4/17 March 1917

V Bazarov - What is needed for socialism? Polemic against Bolshevik rule, December 1917

Mustafa Chokaev - The National Movement in Central Asia (memoir of post-October events, written 1926)

Mustafa Chokaev on October 1917 and Turkestan

February 1917 - SRs and SDs appeal to soldiers to support the revolution

RSDRP Mezhrayonka leaflet for International Women's Day, 1917

Petrograd Okhranka report on disturbances in the capital, 26 February 1917

Petrograd Soviet Economic Policy, 16 May 1917

Rafail Grigor'ev - The Disintegration of the Minority (analysis of the collapse of Menshevism, September/October 1917)

Resolutions of a meeting of the People's Socialist Party Organising Committee, 5 March 1917

Socialist-Revolutionary-Internationalists' justification of the July demonstrations in Petrograd

Socialist Revolutionary appeal for resistance to the Bolsheviks' seizure of power, 26 October 1917

Socialist Revolutionary editorial on The Soviets and the Constituent Assembly, 6 October 1917

Ukrainian Socialist Revolutionary Party founding resolution, 4 - 5 April 1917

What does the Belorussian Socialist Society want? Draft programme. June 1917

Food supply problems in Perm' 1917


Appeal of the Council of People's Commissars on the impending famine, May 1918

Appeal of the Russian Workers' and Peasants' Soviet Government to the toiling masses of France, Britain, America, Italy and Japan (not translated by FK)

Georgian Mensheviks explain Georgia's declaration of independence, 26 May 1918

Reactions to the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, January/February 1918

Constitution of the Ufa Directory - the Provisional All-Russian Government, September-November 1918

Yu. O. Martov - Down with the Death Penalty!


V. Bazarov: "July or December?" (on the Spartakusbund rising)

G V Chicherin - Two years of Soviet Russia's foreign policy

Communist International Executive Committee pamphlet: "Capitalist England - Socialist Russia" (not translated by FK)

Menshevik draft resolution on economic policy for VII Congress of Soviets, December 1919

P. Silin - The Astrakhan' Shootings, March 1919

Theses of the Right Mensheviks for the RSDRP conference, August 1919

To all! Appeal of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, July 1919


Antonov rebellion, Tambov province: Programme of the insurgent Union of Toiling Peasants

Fedor Dan on British Workers' Delegation to Russia, May 1920

Ya. Lachugin, sailor: Letter to Lenin on popular mood in Shuya, Ivanovo-Vosnesensk province, April 1920

Privileged rations at the end of 1920 - resolution of Sovnarkom


The Foundation of Gosplan, the State Planning Commission


Nikolai Bukharin on the right of proletarian states to "red intervention"

Fedor Dan's impressions of NEP Moscow, early 1922

A former Red Army man returns to civilian life


Letter from peasant Alfey Kichilin to Krest'yanskaya gazeta


Nikolai Bukharin - "Enrich yourselves" - part of speech "On the New Economic Policy and our Tasks"


Letter of complaint from peasant Ivan Khomich concerning peasants' conditions

"On the results of the last 10 years and the prospects for the USSR's economic construction" - Resolution of the USSR Central Executive Committee


Speeches by Maksim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Anatoliy Lunacharsky at the 2nd Congress of the League of the (Militant) Godless, Moscow, 10-15 June 1929


Rafail Abramovich: On the Menshevik Trial in Moscow


Report on the 1937 census results


Ukrainian Insurgent Army - What is the UIA fighting for?

Lt.-Gen. A A Vlasov - Why have I taken up the struggle against Bolshevism?


Procurator-General N Trubin's report on the uprising in Novocherkassk